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Mole (Talpa europaea)

Moles are a common British mammal living almost exclusively underground, although they are capable of moving above ground and even swimming. As well as a means of transportation, the main purpose of the tunnel network is a trap for worms and other invertebrates to fall into. The mole rarely exceeds 20cm in length (including short tail) and has a very smooth dark fur which can flex in both directions. With very poor eye-sight, the mole navigates and finds food largely by picking up vibrations.

Moles are typically solitary, and both sexes defend their territories vigorously, often coming together just to mate. Moles will often have just one litter per year, consisting of up to seven young. The young are suckled for about a month and leave the nest after about five weeks.

Moles can do a lot of damage to gardens and lawns – we sometimes lay traps depending where the moles are, but as we cannot use traps on public land i.e. play parks, a second method is to use toxic gas pellets which are inserted directly into the mole runs. Upon contact with damp soil these toxic pellets gradually emit a gas and when the mole breaths this gas it will die – This latter method is only to be used by a professional pest controller, and is not an item we can sell for household DIY use.

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